douglas vip is more than just a black car service

Our Story

Our founder and CEO is Douglas Boyle Jr, with over 20 years in the Guest/Customer Service Industry and 10 years in the Transportation Industry.  Douglas founded our company, DouglasVIP Services in April 2015.  The vision, the passion, the concept of DouglasVIP is to offer excellent transportation service at a fare rate.  We started small and now we are growing!  Offering service throughout New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia with more cities coming soon!

Taking an "Old School" approach to service with a "New Age" appeal with Booking & Billing

Old School:  With all these new "App" companies, service seems to be going down hill, limo companies industry wide are sacrificing service and safety to try to compete with companies that have no real over-head on the road.  This is not good!  We don't cut corners!  Our vehicles are well maintained, our Chauffeurs are the Best of the Best, our Safety Rating is one of the highest!  We make sure that our team of chauffeurs are valued and know that they are the face of our company.  They offer impeccable service to all of our clients and make sure they are safe and comfortable!

New Age:  We have a very sophisticated dispatch system that is provided to us by a very secure network.  Makes it so easy to book a new reservation OnLine or look up past reservations and run reports without having to call in or e-mail, although we are very happy to do this for you as well.  Our Billing is easy and Paper-less, receipts are sent via e-mail and stored on our system for up to 4 years.  There is no signing in the car or waiting while your chauffeur tallies up the tolls and extra charges.

We are still a Small Business, as so we can offer a more personalized service to every one of our clients.  As we grow, we have developed a program to keep our clients feeling special and unique, avoiding the feeling that they are just another person we bring from one point to another...we will always keep that special small business atmosphere...we will also value every client as if he/she is our only client!

Socially Responsible

We're committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you'll always choose us for your transportation needs.

As a small business in New Jersey & New York City, we feel it is our responsibility to offer our chauffeurs and other staff a reasonable Living Wage.  We value our employees and to offer the very best service in the area, we need our staff to be happy and love what they do!

DouglasVIP offers Fare Market Rates to our clients.  We do not offer discounts or coupons.

We are committed to making your trip with us an easy and worry-free experience. Excellence is expected and we will exceed expectations.

Simply Better!

We stand out from the Rest

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our core values

Personalized Service

We are committed to making everyone of our clients feel so satisfied with our service, that they will never want to use another car service again.

We are a small business based in Aberdeen, NJ (Northern Monmouth County). As  a small business, we have a unique opportunity to offer a more personalized service to all of our valued clients.

Every Client Treated Like a VIP

We do not care much about status or how much money you have in the bank or how many followers you have on twitter, DouglasVIP will treat you like a VIP when you ride with us.

Safe & Reliable Transportation

Our Professional Chauffeurs are some of the very best on the road. With the proper training and knowledge of the roads, our chauffeurs may use a GPS as a tool, but never rely solely on the GPS to get you where you need to be.

DouglasVIP chauffeurs are vetted with extensive background checks, drug testing, and driver history reports.

FULL Background Checks

We just cannot stress enough that our company not only runs a Full Background check on every chauffeur, we also check again and again looking for any possible issues.

On-Time Guaranteed

We are committed to showing up on time.  In fact, we prefer to get tour our pickups early to account for unexpected traffic.  We would rather wait for you, and never have you wait on us!

Our Chauffeurs always use a cushion of at least 15-20 minutes to account for any abnormal traffic, so we tend to be early.  Please note:  It is never our intent to rush you if our chauffeur is early!

The Best of The Best

We take pride in what we do!  With the Best Chauffeurs & The Best Vehicles offering the Best Service to the Best Clients!

Founder & Managing Partner

Douglas Boyle Jr.


With over 10 years in the Transportation industry & over 20 years in Guest Relations, Douglas founded DouglasVIP, a trusted company for elite travel with a more personalized touch. 


Douglas's main goal is to offer the Safest & most Reliable Transportation at a fare market rate, and continue to pay our Chauffeurs and other staff a fare living wage.

I would like to genuinely  thank all of our clients for helping our company grow.

Most of our clients keep coming back over the years and that means something to all of us here.

We Appreciate Your Business!